Teams, Groups, and Bulk Orders

More Books, Less Money

Need Pragmatic books for your team at work, your study group, your meetup, or something else altogether? We offer bulk discounts on ebooks that make it easy to get more copies for less money.

Are you outside the U.S., a nonprofit, or associated with a school? Don’t worry, we’ve got pricing plans for you, too. Just ask us at

Something for Every Budget

We want to help you get the most for your money. And even though we only offer bulk discounts on the titles we’ve published ourselves, our team, group, bulk, and volume licensing plans can be adjusted based on your individual circumstances.

Our volume ebook pricing generally starts at:

Copies         Discount
5-10 35%
10-49 40%
50-99 50%
100+ 60%
500+ 80%

We understand that special circumstances require special consideration. Let us know yours at, and we’ll try our best to help.

Available Whenever and However You Want

Unlike paperbacks, our ebooks are ready for download immediately. Plus, all our books are DRM-free, so you can use them in most any device or application that supports EPUB, MOBI, or PDF file formats.

Buying for someone else? No problem. Just like with individual titles, bulk orders can be gifted. It’s the perfect way to support your favorite charities and organizations.

Email us at today and let us know what you need.